world sigh

And so this mind is active Finds peace in the tragic From news anchors I feel I know Watch stories come and go, You might say it’s an addiction A dance ‘round contradiction Where I land my feet Fresh and salt water meet Carry me to shore The world cries Where’s the exit door The… Read More world sigh

..before now

Can she accept this- In all its glorious mess? Ripped page out of her story. Dislocated- outside the spine. But the leaves had already f a l l e n. Autumn crows: print their spider feet. Water ink running down the pages… The crow said “hello”, her parents told her…Back when the pages folded. With… Read More ..before now


may 23 2020 gratitude. i thought it overloaded full of half alive half fake it til you make it theology so i asked gratitude what it wanted from me would it let me in for a cup of tea? i saw her other side, she’s dark and foul has no sense of time, nor balance,… Read More gratitude

Mountain mama

She’ll wait for you, In the same way that the grip of a leaf hangs on for dear life, Until it surrenders to its metamorphosis, and with one last dying breath, Exhale of the breeze; to release. She’ll wait for you, Like she has waited for tens of thousands of years, Folding over herself- patiently… Read More Mountain mama

Between 2s

between those two 2s- we all dug out a space for those dreams. So we dig deeper this time…numb out the grind… The hole of the hollow between the two 2s -what’s in that space? Like from before – in that space of a moment; when that human self-introduced, while you spaced out, and the… Read More Between 2s